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CTL names TEE grant recipients for 2021

Published Apr 07, 2021

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Texas A&M University at Qatar has named eight projects that will be funded in 2021 as part of its Transformative Educational Experiences (TEE) grant program

Each year, the CTL awards funding to proposals for transformative learning experiences. Please see below for a list of accepted projects for 2021:

  1. The Redesign of PETE 353 Course to Enhance Students’ Learning Experience, Motivation and Engagement
    Mohamed Fadlelmula (PETE)
  2. Open-Source Hardware and Software Tools to Augment Inquiry-Based Studies in Engineering
    Konstantinos E Kakosimos (CHEN), Mariam Rafehi (VCU) and Rahul Bhosale (QU)
  3. Autonomous Vehicles in Undergraduate Education: An Introduction
    Bing Guo (MEEN), Jim Ji (ECEN), Ali Sheharyar (Research Computing)
  4. Developing A Short Course on 3D Printing for Environmental Applications
    Mamoun Al-Rawashdeh (CHEN), Marcin Kozusznik (CHEN), Yasser Al-Hamidi (MEEN)
  5. Developing Intercultural Knowledge and Engagement to Make Excellence Inclusive
    Mary Queen (LA), Melissa Dykes (Fayetteville State College, N.C.)
  6. Meaningful Undergraduate Writing Project in Education City
    Mysti Rudd (LA), Kelly Wilson (NU-Q)
  7. Petrosolve: An Interactive, Cooperative And Engaging Video Game to Aid in Teaching Petroleum Engineering Concepts and Beyond
    Nayef Alyafei (PETE)
  8. Open Educational Resource: The Technoscientific, Historical and Social Dimensions of the Oil and Gas Industry in Qatar
    Albertus Retnanto (PETE), Anto Mohsin (NU-Q)

The TEE grants program began in 2015. Each year, an anonymous committee is formed to independently and then collectively review proposals.