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Senior petroleum engineering students present capstone design projects

Published Apr 27, 2021


Senior petroleum engineering students presented their capstone design projects to a panel of six experienced judges from top oil and gas companies in Qatar, such as Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and Schlumberger.

The teams consisted of four students and each team had about 30 minutes to present and defend their results. Judges questioned the team members about their results and recommendations.

Deema Al-Qubaisi, Fay AlSulaiti, Ahmed El-Agnaf and Ahmad Asaad comprised Team 1, OPTIMUM PETROLEUM, and presented the project “Offshore Oil Field.”  

Rashid AlMusleh, Muneera Al-Reyahi, Maha Taher and Kyuhyun Kwack’s team, AERIFORM, presented “Offshore Gas Field.”  

The students were given a suite of geological and petroleum engineering industry data for offshore oil and gas fields. The students had to design their fields following a workflow and recommend a development-optimization plan, including geological interpretation and modeling, drilling and completion design, performance analysis, economic analysis, and risk and uncertainties analysis of development options.

The projects also incorporate different constraints, including economic, environmental, safety, data and time constraints. For example, students were asked to make a complete field development plan within a 30-year timeframe. They were also tasked with developing their fields with minimum impact to the environment.

In addition, the projects are designed following standards in the oil and gas industry, such as using the SPE Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS) for the classification, estimation and representation of hydrocarbon resources and the American Petroleum Institute (API) standards for well integrity and well control. The students also used different industry software in their designs, such as PETREL and PIPESIM of Schlumberger and StarSteer of ROGII.