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Petroleum engineering students invited to participate in Gas Exporting Countries Forum youth panel

Published Nov 07, 2021

TAMUQ-PETE-Saly-Mohamed-photoTAMUQ-PETE-Abdallah-El-Zamli-photoSenior petroleum engineering students Abdallah El-Zamli and Saly Mohamed were invited by the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) to participate in the first GECF Youth Panel Workshop.

The theme of the annual GECF Workshop was “The Promotion of Natural Gas Demand 2021” and the topic of discussion for the youth panel was “Prospects for Natural Gas in a Post-COVID World.” El-Zamli and Mohamed were joined by other undergraduate, master's and Ph.D. students from in and outside of Qatar. 

Abdallah and Saly gave a presentation on the importance of natural gas as the world seeks to transition into carbon neutrality by focusing on the use of natural gas in hydrogen production. Mohamed discussed the main sources of energy today and emphasized on the growth of natural gas in comparison to other fossil fuels. She also discussed global energy transitions that included environmental, social and governmental policies. 

Abdallah expanded on the the different types of hydrogen that are sourced both from natural gas as well as other sources. However, he emphasized blue hydrogen as the future of energy that aligns with the vision of a carbon-neutral future, through the use of CCUS technology. He also discussed global hydrogen production today, how hydrogen is produced from natural gas, and the price forecast around it. Together, Mohamed and El-Zamli highlighted the leading role that natural gas will play in the future of global energy demand.

Mohamed and El-Zamli successfully completed their summer internship with the GECF Gas Marketing Analysis Department where their main focus was on the future of natural gas and contribution to the growth of the hydrogen and lithium energy markets.