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TEE grant winners announced for 2022

Published Mar 17, 2022

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Texas A&M University at Qatar has announced recipients for the 2022 Transformative Educational Experience (TEE) grants.

Projects selected for funding this year are:

  • The Development and Delivery of a Short Course on Sustainable Energy in Education City Through Multiversity Approach
    Team: Dr. Aziz Rahman, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan, Dr. Tavir Alam (HBKU), Dr. Yusuf Bicer (HBKU)
  • Creating Creative Educational Opportunities Among Engineering and Arts Students
    Team: Dr. Yasser Al-Hamidi, Dr. Marwan Khraisheh, Yasmeen Suleiman (VCU-Q)
  • Petroleum Engineering Critical Thinking Reinforcement Platform
    Team: Mohammed Fadlelmula, Nayef Alyadei, Janessa Paderes, Ayesha Hussein (NU-Q)
  • PETE Essentials: Course Concepts Summarized and Illustrated for Easy Learning
    Team: Dr. Nayed Alyafei, Sahar Mari
  • The Labor and Environmental Dimensions of the Oil and Gas Industry in Qatar 
    Team: Members: Dr. Albert Retnanto, Afsha Sheikh, Insha Sheikh, Anto Mohsin (NU-Q), Darell Pinnontoan (NU-Q)
  • Teaching Entrepreneurial Writing for Engineering Excellence in Qatar
    Team: Dr. Tehmina Pirzada, Dr. Maria D. Lombard (NU-Q), Dr. John Timothy Sherrill (QU)
  • Enhancing Student Progress and Success: A Re-evaluation of the Foundation English Courses at TAMUQ
    Team: Dr. Sara Hilman, Dr. Naqaa Abbas, Dr. Aymen Elsheikh, Dr. Bryan Scott, Mariam Al Qahtani, Asmaa Al Qahtani, Fadwa Abbas, Khalid Al Rwaili
  • Technical and Professional Communication Course Redesign — The Power of Writing in Engineering
    Team: Dr. Naqaa Abbas, Dr. Mary Queen, Dr. Reza Tafreshi, Dr. Patrick Linke, Lana El-Ladki

An anonymous committee evaluated each proposal independently and then collectively discussed the proposals.

The Transformative Educational Experience (TEE) grants began in 2015 and funds projects that have ranged from a student-faculty collaboration to publish a children’s book on combustion engines in Arabic and English, to a weeklong student workshop in partnership with the University of Groningen focused on humanitarian engineering. Each year, faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals for transformative educational experiences for our students. These experiences, often also described as high-impact educational practices, are intended to shape significantly a student’s education by fostering such attributes as critical and creative thinking, communication skills and intercultural engagement. Such experiences include, but are not limited to classroom teaching innovation, international experiences, intercultural engagement, service learning, student-faculty research and collaborative projects.

This year marks a significant push towards involvement of our students in TEE grants as faculty partners with specific focus on multiversity teams, said Dr. Bilal Mansoor, CTL director.

"Thank you to everyone who participated in this cycle," Mansoor said. "We wish the winners the very best in developing their projects and we look forward to seeing the outcomes during Spotlight on Teaching presentations in Fall 2022."