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Liberal Arts faculty organize multiversity symposium

Published Apr 10, 2022

TAMUQ-Marmolejo-speakingTexas A&M at Qatar faculty Dr. Sara Hillman and Dr. Bryan Scott led an Education City-wide coalition of faculty in organizing a recent half-day symposium on multiversity initiatives.

The Qatar Faculty Forum, the Qatar Teaching and Learning Forum and Texas A&M at Qatar organized the event, which brought together 61 participants from five EC universities. Francisco J. Marmolejo, QF Higher Education President and Education Advisor, gave the keynote presentation, “Toward a multiversity approach in higher education: The experience and perspectives at QF.”

Hillman said the main outcomes were promoting interaction across EC, educating participants on current multiversity initiatives and grants in EC, demonstrating successful multiversity collaborations and inspiring faculty to collaborate. Hillman said she hopes to continue to organize more multiversity events to bring EC faculty together.