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Student achievements recognized during the 2022 Aggie Achievement Awards

Published Apr 26, 2022

Texas A&M University at Qatar recognized students who have excelled in academics, leadership and involvement for the 2021-2022 academic year during the university’s annual Aggie Achievement Awards. 

This year, a new award was introduced through the Engineering ELITES Program, which recognizes students who have enhanced their college education by participating in six High Impact Practices. These include Experiential learning, Leadership, International opportunities, Team research, Engineering design and Service learning. The inaugural group of students who completed all six High Impact Practices are:

  • Fatima Al-Khayarin ’22, Petroleum Engineering
  • Mohamed Fattouh ’22, Mechanical Engineering
  • Gibin George ’22, Electrical Engineering
  • Nivinya Hemachandra ’22, Chemical Engineering

Established by The Association of Former Students in 1982, the Buck Weirus Award honors 55 students each year across our College Station and Qatar campuses. Recipients of the award are decided by members of a committee at each respective location and focus on Involvement, Experiences, Impact and Spirit. This year’s recipients at Texas A&M University at Qatar are:

  • Ayesha Azimuddin ’22, Electrical Engineering
  • Afsha Shaikh ’22, Petroleum Engineering
  • Insha Shaikh ’22, Chemical Engineering

The Gathright Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Junior Award is a collaboration between The Association of Former Students, LAUNCH: Academic Excellence, and the Texas A&M chapter of Phi Kappa Phi that recognizes the top junior in each of the academic colleges at Texas A&M University. Selection for the Award is based on an evaluation of research and/or creative production, community engagement, accomplishments/awards, and academic record, with the final selection criteria determined by the dean of each respective college. This year’s recipient at Texas A&M University at Qatar is:

  • Beena Debnath ’23, Chemical Engineering

The Student Government Association selects outstanding members among them each year and recognizes their contributions with annual awards. Recipients of these awards include:

  • Excellence Award –– Hiam Al-Mallah ’24, Hala Almughanni ’25 and Yara Elgazar ’23
  • Collaboration Award –– Warren Marcelo, Events and Visitor Relations

Student Engagement Awards are awarded to student leaders, student organizations and their advisors who contribute to making student life at Texas A&M University in Qatar meaningful. These awards and their recipients are:

  • Student Engagement Award –– Ahmed Afzal ’22, Mechanical Engineering
  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year –– Dr. Aziz Rahman, Flow Assurance Student Club
  • Student Leader of the Year –– Abdallah El Zamli ’22, Petroleum Engineering
  • Student Organization Event of the Year –– Maroon Model United Nations Conference by Maroon MUN 
  • Student Organization of the Year –– Palestinian Cultural Club

Each year, Texas A&M University at Qatar recognizes faculty members from each of our academic programs as Faculty of the Year. Selections are made by graduating seniors based on teaching quality, engagement with students, student support and career advising and mentoring. The recipients of these awards are:

  • Chemical Engineering –– Dr. Luc Vechot
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering –– Dr. Erchin Serpedin
  • Liberal Arts –– Dr. Sara Hillman
  • Mechanical Engineering –– Dr. Michael Schuller
  • Petroleum Engineering –– Dr. Harris Rabbani
  • Science –– Dr. Anthony Weston 

Every year, each of the six programs at Texas A&M University at Qatar selects an outstanding student as Student of the Year. These students are outstanding leaders who excel in academic performance and have significantly contributed in service to the university. The recipients are:

  • Undergraduate Student of the Year for Chemical Engineering –– Noor Mubarak ’22
  • Graduate Student of the Year for Chemical Engineering –– Fathya Salih
  • Student of the Year for Electrical & Computer Engineering –– Layan Al-Huneidi ’22
  • Student of the Year for Liberal Arts –– Sara AlBanna ’22
  • Student of the Year for Mechanical Engineering –– Ahmed Mahfouz ’22
  • Student of the Year Award for Petroleum Engineering –– Afsha Shaikh ’22
  • Student of the Year Award for Science –– Noora Al-Subaiei ’22

Lastly, the Aggie Core Value Awards recognize students, staff and faculty who demonstrate each of the Aggie Core Values through their involvement and contributions to our community. These six values include Respect, Excellence, Leadership, Integrity, Loyalty and Selfless Service. Recipients of this award include:

  • Respect (Student) –– Noor Henzab ’23, Chemical Engineering
  • Respect (Staff) –– Joelle Fadlallah, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Excellence (Student) –– Afsha Shaikh ’22, Petroleum Engineering
  • Excellence (Staff) –– Shauna Loej, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Leadership (Student) –– Sara AlBanna ’22, Petroleum Engineering
  • Leadership (Faculty) –– Dr. Mark van de Lot, Liberal Arts
  • Loyalty (Student) –– Ayesha Azimuddin ’22, Electrical Engineering
  • Loyalty (Staff) –– Warren Marcelo, Events and Visitor Relations
  • Integrity (Student) –– Nadine Elkholy ’23, Mechanical Engineering
  • Integrity (Staff) –– Dr. Joseph Ura, Liberal Arts
  • Selfless Service (Student) –– Insha Shaikh ’22, Chemical Engineering
  • Selfless Service (Staff) –– Sabina Uzakova, Student Affairs

Dr. César Octavio Malavé, dean of Texas A&M at Qatar, said that every individual and organization within the community is important to building the continued success of the university — both inside the classroom and outside. 

“Each year, I look forward to recognizing students, staff and faculty who have embodied Texas A&M University’s core values of respect, excellence, leadership, loyalty, integrity, and selfless service,” Malavé said. “These Aggies make me honored to serve as dean of this campus. All of you have demonstrated characteristics of what makes an Aggie special and have worked tirelessly to do so. Congratulations to all the Aggies who have worked so hard this year –– you have earned these awards.”