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Dr. Economou participates in CERE Discussion Meeting 2022

Published Jun 15, 2022

Dr. Ioannis Economou, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies at Texas A&M University at Qatar, participated in the CERE Discussion Meeting 2022. The meeting was organized by Technical University of Denmark.

Global experts in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering from academia and industry met in Snekkersten, north of Copenhagen, Denmark from 7 to 9 June to discuss recent advances related to Energy Resources Engineering.  Some of the topics discussed were related to carbon capture utilization and sequestration, development of energy efficient industrial processes, sustainable material and process development and many more.

Economou said, “To my mind, the most important thing is that we as thermodynamics researchers continue to work closely with industry. Recent years have seen a trend where the industry thermodynamics groups are shrinking. For instance, several of the large international energy corporations have reduced the sizes of their groups. Instead, companies are relying more on university collaborations. This is a nice thing for us on the academic side. You might even say that this is a natural division of work. But it also increases our responsibility when it comes to assuring that our projects are relevant to the industrial practice.”

Economou has been associated with CERE for more than two decades. “Like many other groups coming from petroleum research, CERE is undergoing a transition to a broader interest which includes clean energy and sustainable processes. CERE has been successful in attracting several grants from Danish funding agencies, the EU and from industry, and is today at the forefront of these transitional technological developments.”