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Texas A&M at Qatar faculty receives patent for novel method to measure capillary pressure curve in reservoir rocks

Published Sep 04, 2022

An innovative project led by Dr. Harris Rabbani, assistant professor at Texas A&M University at Qatar, has received a U.S. patent for a novel method to estimate capillary pressure curve in reservoir rocks. 

Understanding the capillary pressure is key to efficiently recover hydrocarbons from reservoir rocks. The capillary pressure also impacts its carbon dioxide sequestration. 

The new analytical framework will enable researchers to predict the capillary pressure in a matter of seconds. It will also cut down massive costs that the petroleum industry currently spends to find these results. The team includes Rabbani as the lead principle investigator, Dr. Thomas Daniel Seers, assistant professor at Texas A&M University and Dr. Dominic Guerillot, former professor at the university. 

Rabbani said, “Our hard work and perseverance over the last half-decade is paying off. It is thrilling to receive a patent for an innovation that has direct practical uses. The research that we do at Texas A&M at Qatar aims to provide solutions that make processes in the petroleum industry more efficient, economical, and reliable, and my team is excited to be part of that. We are already receiving inquiries from industry players and are looking at how we can improve our project as well.”