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Class of 2026 at QF partner Texas A&M at Qatar has the largest cohort of Qatari students

Published Sep 20, 2022

Texas A&M at Qatar, a Qatar Foundation partner university has welcomed the largest incoming freshman cohort of Qatari students for Fall 2022 in its 20th year.

The new students aim to develop cutting-edge engineering innovations, and to become engineers who will have a positive impact on Qatar and the region.

The total number of students at Texas A&M at Qatar this fall is 724, including students from other Education City partner universities as well as the students who are on the study abroad program from College Station. This year, the university welcomed 156 new undergraduate students, and 16 new graduate students. Texas A&M at Qatar is also hosting 32 Ph.D. students from Texas A&M’s College Station campus and 16 Ph.D. students awarded through the Ph.D. Fellows program.

60 percent of the incoming class represent Qataris, of which 56 percent are female students. 63 percent of the new graduate students at Texas A&M at Qatar are female.

The undergraduate students are pursuing Bachelor of Science degrees in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or petroleum engineering. Texas A&M at Qatar also offers a Master of Science and Master of Engineering in chemical engineering. In addition to engineering courses, the students will participate in lessons in science, mathematics, liberal arts and the humanities. Texas A&M at Qatar students are also given the opportunity to cross-register for various courses at other Qatar Foundation partner universities within Education City.

The reputation of the university, its world-class facilities, the high caliber of the faculty that are teaching at the u

niversity and the impact Texas A&M at Qatar’s graduates are having in the region were some of the key factors that influenced students decision-making process.

For Mohammed Albuainan, it was the reputation of Texas A&M’s petroleum program that made him apply. He said, “I look forward to graduating as a petroleum engineer in four years, and to contributing to the development of my country. I want to play a role in advancing Qatar’s future, and I believe a Texas A&M education will allow me to do that. I hope to make my country and my university proud of me.”

Mohammed Musab was drawn in by the university’s reputation and the state-of-the-art facilities of the campus. He is part of the Class of 2026 in Mechanical Engineering. He said: “I am looking forward to an exciting and memorable four years obtaining my undergraduate degree. I hope to participate in various extracurricular clubs and activities, represent the university in sporting events, do research and even go to College Station for the study abroad program. Texas A&M at Qatar provides many opportunities for growth and self-development and I want to make the most of it.

Sara El-Sallabi is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering. She said: “I wanted to be in a university which had diversity in its faculty and student body, thus helping me gain a well-rounded and global perspective in my formative years. Being at Texas A&M at Qatar will put me on the right path to achieve my goals. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the community here at Education City and I look forward to visiting and doing research at the College Station campus as well. I am proud to be an Aggie.”

Shaikha Al-Kuwari completed her Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M at Qatar, and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. “Having the option of working while also pursuing my education has helped us a lot. I earned my bachelors from Texas A&M at Qatar, and now I am pursuing my masters here as well. I want to pride myself in being a locally made leader with a strong educational background and one day become a chief technical advisor for the country.”

Dr. César Octavio Malavé, dean of Texas A&M at Qatar, noted that with students hailing from more than 40 different countries, the student body at Texas A&M at Qatar represent diverse academic experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Malavé said, “We are proud to have welcomed the largest incoming cohort of Qatari students for Fall 2022. Now that Texas A&M is in its 20th year of operations here in Qatar, we reiterate our commitment to educating the next generation of engineering leaders, who will contribute to building Qatar’s knowledge economy and also address the global energy transformation. Our students not only get a world-class engineering education and opportunities to be part of innovative research, but now they are also part of the worldwide network of Texas A&M graduates, which is now more than 525,000 members strong. I hope that each of our students will take advantage of every opportunity they get during their time at Texas A&M at Qatar.”