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Texas A&M at Qatar graduate co-authors book on Python web development

Published Oct 12, 2022

Mohammad Khorasani, a class of 2015 alumni from Texas A&M at Qatar has recently published a book titled ‘Web Application Development with Streamlit’ with Springer's tech subsidiary Apress. The book which provides insights on developing and deploying secure and scalable web applications to the cloud using a pure Python framework was co-authored by Khorasani (Iberdrola Innovation Middle East, Doha, Qatar), Mohamed Abdou (Amazon, Cambridge, UK), and Javier Hernández Fernández (Iberdrola Innovation Middle East, Doha, Qatar).

Streamlit is a new framework for Python that allows software developers to create and deploy web applications to the cloud in pure Python, without having to write any HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. It has shortened the technical skills gap, reduced development time from weeks to hours, and democratized the production of web applications. This book takes the reader through everything there is to know about Streamlit, from the basics of installing and running the framework, to rendering basic, intermediate, and complex user interfaces, to visualizing big data, interfacing with databases, provisioning backend servers, implementing application security and deploying to the cloud.

Khorasani said that being a graduate of Texas A&M at Qatar helped him in succeeding in this venture. “Being an Aggie allowed me to hone my technical writing skills, which definitely came in handy in becoming a tech author. It also gave me the critical thinking aptitude that enables me to pick up skill sets that are not always related to my major but are necessary to get the job done.”

One of the memories he holds close to his heart from his time at Texas A&M is having the opportunity to build an ultra-fuel-efficient vehicle under the auspices of Dr. Michael Schuller for his senior design project.

According to Khorasani, committing to writing is quite possibly the best way to forge an outlasting legacy, and he hopes that this book will empower the next generation of software developers.