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Center for Teaching and Learning organizes engineering enrichment cycle to provide professional development for students

Published Jan 22, 2023


The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Texas A&M University at Qatar, a Qatar Foundation partner university recently organized the latest cycle of its engineering enrichment program. 114 students from all four engineering disciplines participated in nine technical and professional development courses.

In collaboration with the Fablab at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar, a Qatar Foundation partner university, the nature-inspired design course was a key highlight of this cycle.10 students had the opportunity to be part of a design process and fabricate useful products. The course took place at the VCUQ Fablab, where all participants had access to design and modeling platforms and fabrication machines, including laser cutters, vinyl cutters, vacuum former, wire benders, 3D printers, and many others. In a multidisciplinary environment, our aggies worked with students from VCU on different design elements that brought together engineers with designers.

Gamification in the learning environment, introduction to machine learning using python, critical thinking, basic academic mud schooling, laser scanning and cutting, 3D printing, and Microsoft Excel and Visio for engineers, were some of other courses offered during the cycle. The courses were facilitated by members from the four engineering departments at Texas A&M at Qatar, CTL, and experts from the industry.

Roudha Al-Khaldi, an undergraduate electrical and computer engineering student at Texas A&M at Qatar, who participated in the program, said, “As an Electric Engineering student, living is a country where oil and gas are constantly produced, gaining knowledge in the petroleum engineering sector is vital so that work life becomes easier and understandable. The engineering enrichment course I attended focused on the fundamentals of mud school, which is a concept I think most engineering students should know because it will help them in their future jobs in Qatar”.