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Undergraduate students showcase research projects at Texas A&M at Qatar

Published Apr 18, 2023

Students from Texas A&M University at Qatar recently presented their insights and findings during the Undergraduate Research Scholars project showcase.

The Undergraduate Research Scholars thesis program aims to provide eligible undergraduates with a graduate student experience by allowing them to participate in research and communicate their findings as principal authors to the university's scholarly community.

Mechanical engineering student Fawziya Ahmed Al Darwish presented her project, “Exploring Rheology Additives for Robocasting 3D Alumina-structured Support,” said that it was a valuable experience.

“I am hoping to continue my studies and obtain a master’s, and working on this project has helped me develop my skills,” Al Darwish said. “I have enhanced my research skills — the methodologies and processes involved; presentation skills and helped me get more confident.”

Zaina Aloudeh, a petroleum engineering student, worked with students from Northwestern University in Qatar for her project, “The Labor and Environmental Dimensions of the Oil and Gas Industry in Qatar.”

She said, “It was an enriching experience to work alongside a Northwestern Qatar student. We were able to bring our own specific strengths and learn from each other. My technical and analytical skills, with my partner’s interviewing and communication skills, made us a great team.”

Fathima Hakeem and her team, who are all pursuing bachelor’s degrees in electrical and computer engineering, worked on the project, “An Automated Mechanism to Rate the Severity of Cleft Lips.”

Hakeem said, “Being students of Texas A&M University definitely opened doors for us. Through our adviser, we could reach out and compile information from hospitals such as Sidra Medicine. We are looking forward to continuing this research, and to compile more date from across Qatar. Our project can have a real-world impact.”

Students also highlighted how they drew inspiration for their projects from real world challenges as well as the support and guidance they received from their faculty at Texas A&M at Qatar.