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Students participate in Artificial Intelligence program at Texas A&M at Qatar

Published Jun 25, 2023

Twenty-seven undergraduate students from multiple universities participated in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) program of the Engineering Summer School at Texas A&M University at Qatar.

The Engineering Summer School programs aimed to challenge and inspire university students and recent graduates to pursue graduate studies and advanced degrees by interacting with highly motivated and academically oriented participants.

The program included lectures, panel discussions and lab sessions covering many facets of AI. Students were introduced to machine learning, optimization techniques, elements from information theory, neural networks such as dense and convolutional networks, generative models, and transformers. Hands-on experience was based on Google TensorFlow package.

Panel discussions explored trending topics in AI, from ChatGPT and energy consumption of AI to the influence of AI on our future.

David Smith, an undergraduate student from Texas A&M University’s flagship campus in College Station, said, “It was an interesting and intensive program. We have learned quite a lot in just two weeks. It was also great to be around so many smart people from different places. The program also challenged us and made us learn in new ways.”

“It was truly exciting to be a part of this program at Texas A&M University at Qatar, a world-renowned engineering school,” said Stavros Dimou, a student of University of Thessaly, Greece. “We were able to learn about the applications of AI, and to understand how to effectively use AI, and a lot more. Being here in Qatar was also great: the people here are so welcoming and there is a lot of respect here. It is a multicultural environment indeed.”

Dr. Joseph Boutros, electrical and computer engineering professor, directed the technical part of the program, and Rola Abou Ghaida was in charge of all the logistics of the program.