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Incoming Texas A&M at Qatar freshmen participate in Meeza summer bootcamp

Published Jun 27, 2023

Texas A&M University at Qatar organized a two-week summer bootcamp, Meeza, for incoming freshmen students who will start their engineering education at the university. Twenty-two students were given support with essential communication and writing techniques as well as key concepts and problem-solving strategies in math and chemistry sessions.

In addition to enhancing academic skills, the boot camp was designed to help incoming students adjust to university life. By the end of the program, students were equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to have a great first-year experience.

The program was hosted by the Division of Arts & Sciences and was offered for the first time this summer. Instructors included coordinator of the program, Dr. Sara Hillman, Instructional Associate Professor of English (Communication/Writing courses), Dr. Nordine Mir, Professor of Mathematics (Math courses), and Joelle Fadlallah, Academic Student Learning Support (Chemistry courses).

 “Meeza in Arabic means ‘advantage,” said Dr. Hillman. “And our goal for the Meeza Program is to give incoming Texas A&M at Qatar freshmen an advantage or an edge; the program is designed to empower students to step into their freshmen year with confidence.  It not only better prepares students for the academic landscape, but also helps them develop an invaluable support network, as they establish bonds with other students and interact with their future professors.”

For the participants, it was a great experience. Amal Haji said, “It was very exciting to be here: to meet other fellow freshmen students and to meet the professors at the university. Some of the lessons I will carry with me into my academic life include time management and how to present my ideas to my faculty and peers.”

Jeremiah Costan said, “The MEEZA Boot Camp delivered on its promises. We got taste of what it’s like to be an Aggie and had a valuable and memorable experience that prepared us for freshman year.”