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Texas A&M at Qatar student participates in Summer European Academy

Published Aug 13, 2023

Mohammed Al Marri '25, a chemical engineering student minoring in political science, was the first ever Texas A&M at Qatar student to join the Summer European Academy, a faculty-led program organized by The Bush School of Government & Public Service.

Throughout the immersive experience, Al Marri gained unique insight into topics such as the energy crisis and the inner workings of the European Union during sessions held in Germany, Belgium and France.

He also visited the European Parliament, the French Senate, the German Chancellery, NATO, the European Council and the Council of the European Union, and developed an intimate understanding of the intricate processes that govern policy formulation and international collaboration.

“By melding my cross-disciplinary expertise, I hope to play a pivotal role in shaping legal frameworks that facilitate Qatar's continued growth as a progressive player in the global energy arena," he said. "It's a purpose-driven path that I'm excited to tread, contributing meaningfully to Qatar's journey toward a sustainable and innovative energy future.”