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Texas A&M at Qatar alumni showcase their work at Qatar Energy LNG Engineering Forum

Published Sep 28, 2023

Ghalya Abdulla ’23 and Noora Al Subaiei ’22 presented their research project, "Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation from Seawater using High-Performance Polymeric Materials," at the 18th QatarEnergy LNG Engineering Forum. Their project, funded by the Qatar National Research Fund through the Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP), represents a significant leap forward in sustainable energy technology.

Under the supervision of faculty members Dr. Mohammed Al-Hashimi and Dr. Konstantinos Kakosimos, Abdulla and Al Subaiei embarked on this innovative journey to explore the potential of high-performance polymeric materials in the production of hydrogen from seawater. Their research has far-reaching implications for clean and renewable energy sources. The collaborative nature of this project extended beyond the classroom, as Abdulla and Al Subaieie worked closely with Texas A&M at Qatar postdoctoral research associate, Dr. Salahuddin Attar and industry experts, including Dr. Lina Rueda from Shell Qatar.

Abdulla and Al Subaiei also benefited from the insights of Texas A&M at Qatar graduate Dr. Sara Al-Hail, who is currently contributing her expertise to the Ministry of Defense. Al-Hail shared her passion for nurturing young talents and fostering collaboration among research organizations to tackle complex interdisciplinary challenges.

Research adviser Al-Hashimi said, “The research presented by Ghalya Abdulla and Noora Al Subaiei not only represents the bright future of scientific discovery in Qatar but also underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between academic institutions, industry leaders, and research organizations.”

The 18th QatarEnergy LNG Engineering Forum served as the perfect platform for showcasing this remarkable research effort. The event brought together engineers and professionals from prestigious organizations such as Qatar Gas, Shell, ExxonMobil, Dolphin Energy, Qatar University and Qatargas. Participants exchanged expertise and best practices while presenting a diverse range of case studies, spanning projects and innovation, integrity and reliability, and operations excellence.