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Education City collaborations in focus at the second multiversity symposium

Published Oct 01, 2023

Faculty and staff from across Education City participated in the Second Multiversity Symposium in Education City, “Charting the Course: Progress and Possibilities in Multiversity Collaborations", organized by Texas A&M University at Qatar in collaboration with the Qatar Faculty Forum and other Qatar Foundation (QF) partner universities.

The half-day event included panel discussions, breakout sessions and a networking lunch. Key topics — such as the development of joint academic programs, multiversity extra-curricular and outreach activities, incentivizing multiversity collaborations and managing logistical challenges — were discussed in the panel discussions. During the breakout sessions, participants learned about and provided feedback on the Education City Impact Lab and the QF Scholars Platform, and also pitched new ideas for multiversity collaborations.

“QF’s vision for multiversity is to enrich learning and student success across our campuses,” said Dr. César Malavé, dean of Texas A&M at Qatar. “We as leaders of the Education City partner universities are here today because we have embraced this vision. We believe in multiversity because we know that multiversity is about providing unique learning opportunities to ALL students in Education City and about the professional development of faculty across our campuses. We believe that multiversity will better equip our graduates as leaders because of diverse experiences that cultivate holistic learning and multidimensional skills beyond the traditional classroom. Multiversity isn't something that is happening — multiversity is something that we are doing together.”

Symposium organizer Dr. Sara Hillman of Texas A&M at Qatar emphasized the importance of building multiversity connections across Education City, and how it can positively impact both students and faculty. She reaffirmed her commitment to organizing more multiversity events to unite the EC academic community.

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