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Creativity of Texas A&M at Qatar students in the spotlight at Fall 2023 STEAM Showcase

Published Dec 10, 2023

Sixty Texas A&M at Qatar students exhibited their creative side at the annual Fall 2023 STEAM Showcase.

Organized by the Division of Arts and Sciences, the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) aims to demonstrate the relevance of the arts to STEM-based education and research as well as to raise students’ awareness of the importance of liberal arts courses for their engineering education. The initiative aims to promote interdisciplinary project-based learning

A variety of student projects across different formats that integrate the arts — including posters, artwork, photographs, prototypes, videos and websites — are showcased every semester during the STEAM showcase.

“I am truly impressed by the level of creativity, innovation and hard work demonstrated by the students at the STEAM Showcase,” said Olena Snitko, program coordinator in the Division of Arts and Sciences. “Witnessing how they skillfully combine knowledge from different STEAM fields was inspiring.”

The winners for the STEAM Showcase competition were:

First place:
“Revolutionizing Laundry: From Concept to Creation”
Students: Salahudin Abu-Munshar, Ahmed Ahmed, Majid Al-Sowaidi, Mohammed Al-Hail, Yiamen AlKharsah
Instructor: Dr. Yasser Al Hamidi

Second place:
“Six Functions and Uses of Intubation Laryngoscope”
Students: Noor Abdeen, Fatima Al-Khuzaei, Leen Mourad, Velika Aldeakira
Instructor: Dr. Yasser Al Hamidi

Third place:
“The Impact of English as a Medium of Instruction on Intercultural Communication”
Students: Raihana Sattari, Ayesha Khurram, Ilham Amloul
Instructor: Dr. Aymen Elsheikh

“It was a new and exciting experience,” Khurram said. “We got to showcase our work, which is an opportunity I’m grateful for, but I also got to see so many other unique ideas and vivid concepts. It feels amazing to be a part of such a fascinating community here at Texas A&M at Qatar.”