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Education City students enhance skills at Texas A&M at Qatar’s through Engineering Enrichment and Entrepreneurship Program courses

Published Mar 07, 2024

More than 100 students from across Education City participated in Texas A&M University at Qatar’s Engineering Enrichment and Entrepreneurship Program’s spring 2024 technical and professional development training cycle. 

Courses included the ILM-endorsed program “Engineering Leadership for Emerging Leaders,” Advancing Climate Solutions by Experts from ExxonMobil, Advanced Hands-on Robotics, Assertiveness Skills, Machine Learning and Fluids Testing.

ExxonMobil’s Advancing Climate Solution course provided the students with a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding climate change and the innovative solutions being developed to address it through insightful presentations, practical examples and engaging discussions.

During the Engineering Leadership for Emerging Leaders, 20 students earned their ILM credential by successfully completing the ILM course and assessment. Participants learned essential concepts, approaches and key characteristics of engineering leadership. They discussed leadership styles, leadership vs management and emotional intelligence, and identified areas for developing their leadership capabilities. The course included case study analysis, practical examples, experiential leadership and teamwork activities, and a session with Texas A&M at Qatar’s Alumnus of the Year 2023 Azhar Khan from SLB.

Eugenie Marie Pranada, a graduate student who participated in the spring training cycle, said, “Participating in ExxonMobil's Advancing Climate Solutions workshop was truly transformative. The facilitators' mastery of intricate topics like climate science and energy transition made them easily understandable, while the interactive team-based case studies provided invaluable practical insights. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone eager to deepen their understanding of energy, particularly from an industrial perspective.”

Farah Saba ’27 MEEN, said, “Participating in the ILM leadership course was invaluable. The lessons I learned enhanced my skills and has made me an even more well-rounded engineer. With the knowledge that I have gained, I can develop my skills to stand out as a leader in the future.”

Future sessions of Engineering Enrichment and Entrepreneurship cycle, scheduled for the end of 2024, will provide more opportunities for professional development, networking and exposure to the emerging role of engineering across different fields.