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Students showcase research at Texas A&M at Qatar’s Undergraduate Research Retreat

Published Mar 11, 2024

Sixty students from across Education City showcased their research work at the annual Undergraduate Research retreat organized by Texas A&M University at Qatar.

This event, organized jointly by the university’s Division of Arts and Sciences (DAS) and the Chemical Engineering Program, served as a vibrant meeting point, where members from academia, industry, and graduate and undergraduate students gathered under the theme, “Communicating Your Research to Industry.”

The one-day retreat, held at the Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre at the Qatar Science and Technology Park, included panel discussions, workshops, presentations by accomplished researchers, networking sessions with academy and industry leaders, and a poster presentation competition. The retreat provided an opportunity for the students to showcase their work, exchange ideas, receive feedback, and interact with peers and mentors in a supportive and immersive environment to enhance their presentation, communication and negotiation skills. The event also gave students the chance to get direct feedback on their work from technical experts.

Winners of the poster presentation competition:

  • First: Abdul Raheem Tahir
  • Second: Al-Jaber; Njoud Al-Kubaisi; Mohammad AlAssi; Nawaf Al-Mahsin; Faisal Al-Shukri
  • Third: Abdulla Babikr and Racha Qaddura.
  • Fourth: Amanda Cruz
    Menatallah Fawzy and Mohammed         

Attendee Noora Al Subaiei said, “As a graduate student attendee, I viewed the Undergraduate Research Retreat as a dynamic forum encouraging robust collaboration between academia and industry. This gathering not only highlighted the innovative work of undergraduate researchers but also offered valuable lessons on communicating effectively with industry players. The day was characterized by lively intellectual discourse, stimulating conversations, and recognition of outstanding achievements.”

The DAS curriculum integration committee, which organized the event, included Dr. Mohammed Al-Hashimi, Dr. Naqaa Abbas, Dr. Ricardo Alonso and Dr. Robert Carson.

Al Hashimi said, “As we reflect on the transformative power of collaboration and the boundless potential at the intersection of academia and industry, I am confident that the connections forged and the ideas exchanged during the event will continue to resonate and catalyze impactful change within our academic and professional specialties.”

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