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ALDP and SEC at Texas A&M at Qatar celebrate the spirit of giving

Published Apr 10, 2024

The Aggie Learning and Development Program (ALDP) and the Student Engineering Council (SEC) at Texas A&M at Qatar came together for their annual philanthropy event, celebrating the spirit of giving and education.

With a team of dedicated executive board officers and enthusiastic Aggie volunteers, the groups collected and delivered bags of groceries, along with personalized thank-you notes, to all the service providers at Texas A&M at Qatar, including security, cleaning and maintenance and gardeners.

This annual event not only serves to recognize the hard work and dedication of these individuals but also marks the culmination of the English Language Program hosted by ALDP. During the event, ALDP and SEC awarded certificates to all learners and tutors involved in the program. They also took a moment to spotlight the outstanding achievements of the best learners and tutors for the academic year, spanning the fall 2023 and spring 2024 semesters.

Organizers said it was a day filled with gratitude and community spirit, reflecting the core values of selfless service and leadership that both ALDP and SEC strive to embody.