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Abdel-Wahab and Bickham named recipients of SLATE award

Published Aug 18, 2009

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Wahab, senior associate professor professor of chemical engineering, and Dr. Troy Bickham, associate professor of history and Ray A. Rothrock Fellow in the College of Liberal Arts, this week were named Texas A&M at Qatar's spring 2009 SLATE award recipients. The Student Led Award for Teaching Excellence is awarded based on the average score of the Texas A&M System faculty evaluation form. "I am very delighted to receive an award that is driven and led by students," Adel-Wahab said. "This means a whole lot to me. It is a tremendous responsibility to have the opportunity of impacting the students and contributing to their education and professional development and I take this responsibility with seriousness, delight, pride and honor."

Bickham said he was surprised to learn about receiving the award. "I was very pleased to be honored with the award. Last semester was my first at Texas A&M at Qatar, and I did not know how our students would respond to taking a required course in early American history," Bickham said. "It was a true delight to see how they accepted the challenge and how hard they worked. I am able to determine how much students are learning via their performance on assignments and exams, but it is much more difficult to gage how much they are enjoying the class or how much they believe they are learning." Both recipients received an award of $2,500.