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Alnuweiri and Fattah awarded best paper at international conference

Published Jun 15, 2009

Dr. Hussein Alnuweiri, senior professor of electrical engineering, and Dr. Hossam Fattah, a postdoctoral research associate, this week received an award for best paper at the International Communication Conference in Dresden, Germany.

Their paper, titled "Performance Evaluation of Contention-Based Access in IEEE 802.16 Networks withSubchannelization,"presents an analytical model for predicting the performance of IEEE 802.16e wireless access networks, commercially known as Mobile WiMAX. The model presented in the paper can be used to answer important questions like how many mobile users can be serviced by a wireless WiMAX base station as the number of available channels to the users are increased or decreased. Answering such questions helps wireless service providers determine how to configure their base stations based on mobile user distribution.

The International Communication Conference is among the top and most prestigious conferences hosted by the IEEE. The work by Alnuweiri and Fattah was selected as one of 14 to receive best paper awards from among 3,000 submissions. This is the second occasion since 2007 that a paper from Texas A&M at Qatar's Electrical and Computer Engineering Program has been selected for a best paper award.

"Being awarded best paper twice should be a testament to the high caliber of research produced at Texas A&M at Qatar,” Alnuweiri said. "I would like to acknowledge the support of Texas A&M at Qatar staff and administrators, as well as generous support from Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Qatar National Research Fund and QTel."