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ENGR111 students showcase robots built this semester 

Published Dec 03, 2014


Freshman Aggie engineers competed in the Roboshooter contest 30 Nov.

The students showcased the robots they made this semester as part of ENGR111. The students worked exceptionally hard and had some superb engineering designs excellent on show, said Dr. Beena Ahmed.

The teams with the fastest Roboshooters that correctly scanned all the boxes and shot all the balls in the challenge were:

  •  First place: Mizan Jaffer, Farheen Mansoor Samozai and Shaza Shehab

  • Second place: Michel Al Haddad, Saly Matta, Jawaher Al-Suwaidi and Hamda Al-Naimi

  • Third place: Saleh Sakka Amini, Wafa Imran and Mohamed Nasir Omer

 For more information, contact Dr. Beena, +974.4423.0111.