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Faculty and staff awards honors announced

Published Apr 27, 2011

Several faculty and staff were honored during the 2010 faculty and staff awards last week. Honorees were recognized for five years service, STAR awards, faculty excellence, research excellence and Dean's Meritorious Service Award.

Five year service awards

  • Abdallah Al Mardawi

  • Randa Al-Qudah

  • Dr. Mahmood Amani

  • Mohammad Bilal Babar

  • Dr. John Bryant

  • Dr. Dragomir Bukur

  • Michael Collins

  • Hala El-Dakak

  • Ghalia Farzat

  • Leila Jaber

  • Dr. Houshang Masudi

  • Geeta Megchiani

  • Yassin Nour

  • Nikola Petrovic

  • Adel Saeid

  • Sami Said

  • Suzette Van Greune

20 year service award

  • Nancy Small

Dean's Meritorious Service Award

  • Office of Student and Community Relations in conjunction with the Office of Admissions

  • Dr. Eyad Masad

Faculty excellence award

  • Dr. Hassan Bazzi

Teaching excellence award (presented by the Association of Former Students)

  • Dr. Nesrin Ozalp

Research excellence awards

  • Dr. Miloj Belic, was awarded the annual faculty research excellence award

  • Dr Moin Ahammed and Dr. Kamel Tourki were awarded the research fellow excellence award

  • Anas Al-Bastami, engineering student, was awarded the Dr Richard Ewing Undergraduate Student Award for Research Excellence

  • Ms Mehrnoosh, Sanefir, engineering student, was awarded the Dr Richard Ewing Graduate Student Award for Research Excellence

STAR awards (Service, Team Spirit, Attitude and Responsibility)

  • Sarah Aboulhson

  • Khadija El Cadi

  • Benjamin Cieslinski

  • Windy Lala