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Hall honored with a special issue of the Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data

Published Aug 29, 2016

Dr. Kenneth R. Hall, professor of chemical engineering, associate dean for research and graduate studies and TEES division director of Texas A&M at Qatar between 2011 and 2015 has been honored with a special issue of the American Chemical Society’s prestigious Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data. This occurs at the occasion of his retirement from Texas A&M University after 41 years of outstanding service as an educator, scientist, and administrator. The special issue celebrates his professional achievements with papers authored by distinguished researchers on fluid properties and phase equilibrium.

Hall's academic research resulted in about 270 journal publications, 8 books, 12 refereed GPA reports, and 16 panel reviewed publications, among which are a GPA standard and an ASTM Standard Practice. He authored 14 patents on flow meters and the production of liquid fuels from natural gas and biomass. Among other awards, he received the 1997 Donald L. Katz Award of the Gas Processors Association and the 2000 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Award for Excellence in Industrial Gasses Technology. Ken is a fellow of the AIChE and of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

In their invited editorial to the special issue, Profs. Ioannis Economou and Marcelo Castier wrote: “Ken’s retirement from Texas A&M University is a loss to us, who love thermodynamics and a good conversation. However, the contributions he has made to the University in all fronts – research, teaching, and administration – will remain influential for many years to come. True, this is in the end of a 41-year chapter in his brilliant professional trajectory, but we are sure that Ken’s restless mind and soul will soon begin to write another one.”

The special issue in honor of Prof. Kenneth R. Hall can be viewed at