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MEEN professors demonstrate electricity and magnetism

Published Nov 29, 2010

Dr. John Bryant, associate professor of mechanical engineering, and Dr. Andrew Conkey, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, hosted over 100 4th grade students from the American School at Doha (ASD) this week.

Drs. Bryant and Conkey assembled a variety of demonstrations and hands-on activities, as students have recently completed a science unit on electricity and magnetism. Students were also give the opportunity to tour the mechanical engineering design lab, as well as the fluids laboratory. Activities included eddy current phenomena, electric motor operation, PV power module, wind turbine generator and a lime juice powered car courtesy of Dr. Ghada Salama, lecturer of chemical engineering. The tour concluded with students working with a D-cell battery powered DC motor consisting of a wire coil, two paperclips, a battery and a ceramic magnet.