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Mechanical engineer lectures on philosophy of science

Published May 14, 2009

Dr. K.R. Rajagopal, professor of mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University, on Wednesday will present "Art, Craft and Philosophy of Science." The lecture focused on features that go into the development of a scientific theory. The lecture also focused on how art, craft and philosophy all play a crucial role in the development of scientific theories. The lecture was hosted by the Mechanical Engineering Program at Texas A&M at Qatar.

Dr. Rajagopal is a leader in the field of continuum mechanics. His research has covered a very wide range of activities. His students have examined flows in porous media. For example this might be fluidized beds or solid liquid flows or more recently polymer melts and the process of crystallization. His work in porous media has lead to many interactions with the medical community and the characterization of vascular tissue. Dr. Rajagopal has joint appointments with faculty in medical as well as engineering programs. Recently, he has been working on developing flow models for sand-asphalt mixtures. He brings a theoreticians understanding to problems of practical interest.