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Ozalp's paper on utilization of heat ranked among top three most downloaded for June and July

Published Sep 08, 2009

Dr. Nesrin Ozalp, senior assistant professor of mechanical engineering, is author of a paper listed among the top three most downloaded articles from the American Society Mechanical Engineers Journal of Energy Resources Technology Web site for the months of June and July.

The paper, titled "Utilization of Heat, Power and Recovered Waste Heat for Industrial Processes in the U.S. Chemical Industry," presents the proposed allocation of combustible fuels and renewable energy inputs based on six onsite steam and power modes, such as internal combustion engines, combined cycle engines. The proposed model also highlights consumption of fuel, steam and electricity for process heating, process cooling, machine drive, HVAC and facility support. The paper also shows the allocation of waste heat recovered through cogeneration and provides a comparison of the model with the other models to point out its precision and advantages.