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RGS to discuss commercialization of ideas

Published May 06, 2014

Brett Cornwell, associate vice chancellor for commercialization, and Nick Chremos, senior licensing manager, with Texas A&M System Technology Commercialization (TTC) will present "How to get from 'My idea to the Marketplace'" 11 May. The lecture will focus on the aspects of how to take ideas and commercialize them. Cornwell and Chremos will discuss the steps of how TTC assists in determining the value and market of ideas and how TCC staff can mentor along the way to commercialization. This will include knowing when to disclose an idea to TCC, where to find the form to disclose, what happens once the idea dislosed the idea and next steps if it moves forward to protection and licensing. The event will begin at noon in lecture hall 143.

For information for to RSVP contact Rola AbouGhaida:, +974.4423.0212.