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Texas A&M at Qatar recognizes faculty and staff for service to University


Texas A&M University at Qatar held a faculty and staff recognition ceremony on 26 April in which thirty-one employees received plaques commemorating 5 years of service to the University. In addition to awards for length of service, awards were also presented in categories such as faculty excellence, research excellence, meritorious service and leadership. Dr. Mark H. Weichold, dean and CEO, Texas A&M at Qatar, opened the ceremony with remarks on the group’s role in the accomplishments of the University over the academic year. He commented on several key achievements, saying, "You have supported the largest enrollment numbers in Texas A&M at Qatar’s history. We welcomed our first graduate students. Our research expenditures exceeded $8 million this year. Our continuing education efforts have engaged new segments of the Qatar community." Thanking the employees for their contributions to the University, Weichold concluded, "As Texas A&M at Qatar begins its tenth year this summer, your innovation, imagination and inspiration are key to the University’s continued success. Thank you for all you do for Texas A&M at Qatar." Several employees were recognized for 20 or 30 years of service to Texas A&M University. Julie Barker, chief operating officer, and Dr. Arthur Belmonte, senior lecturer of mathematics, received 20-year pins, while Dr. Dragomir Bukur, professor of chemical engineering, received a 30-year pin. The Dean’s Meritorious Service Award was presented to the research and graduate studies team at the University. The team was lauded for their accomplishments, including launching the University’s graduate studies program in chemical engineering, supporting the University’s faculty and researchers in garnering high levels of external research funding and developing the University’s continuing education program to serve industry professionals. Weichold presented the Dean’s Leadership Award to Dr. Hassan Bazzi, associate professor of chemical engineering and chair of the University’s Science Program. In his presentation of the award, Weichold noted how Bazzi’s leadership skills have resulted in effective and efficient functioning of his academic unit, the University’s Science Program. The Faculty Excellence Award was presented to Dr. Patrick Linke, professor of chemical engineering, for his remarkable contributions to Texas A&M at Qatar in teaching, research and engagement. Amanda Field, senior administrative coordinator for chemical engineering, and Joseph Ojeil, admissions counseling advisor, received staff excellence awards for demonstrating exceptional service, team spirit, attitude and professional responsibility. Research awards were also presented to faculty, research staff and students. These included a Faculty Research Excellence Award, given to Dr. Haitham Abu-Rub, associate professor of electrical engineering, and Research Fellow Excellence Awards, given to Dr. Dong Suk Han, research associate, and Dr. Mohammad Shaqfeh, assistant research scientist. The Research Team Excellence Award went to Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Wahab and his team of researchers, and the Richard E. Ewing Awards for Excellence in Student Research were presented to Marwa Qaraqe, graduate assistant, and Hussein Zahreddine, mechanical engineering student. Alissa Schroeder, assistant director of human resources services and event organizer, commented on the ceremony, saying, "This award process underscores the high caliber of faculty and staff we are privileged to have here at Texas A&M at Qatar. It is nice to see the pride shown by the winners, as this highlights the meaningfulness of the awards to them and our community."