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Texas A&M at Qatar researchers receive travel grants

Published Jul 16, 2014

Three Texas A&M at Qatar researchers have been awarded travel grants to showcase their research through the Research Excellence Travel Grant.

Amro Abdel Khalek Abdel Nabi, Thor-Bjørn Ottosen, Haw-Lih Su and are this quarter’s recipients of $1,500 travel grants.

Nabi is a research associate in the Electrical and Computer Engineirng Program working with Dr. Hussein Al Nuweiri. Nabi will present at the IEEE 25th International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications in September in Washington, D.C., USA.

Ottosen is a research assistant in the Chemical Engineering Program who works with Dr. Konstantinos Kakosimos. Ottosen will present at the 16th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes in September in Varna, Bulgaria.

Su is a postdoctoral research associate who works with Dr. Hassan Bazzi and Dr. Dave Seapy in the Science Program. Su will present at the 248th American Chemical Society National Meeting in August in San Francisco, Calif., USA.

The travel grants are an initiative of the Researcher Development Program that provides financial support to cover conference-related travel and expenses every quarter.

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