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Texas A&M at Qatar signs agreement with Ooredoo and Qatar University to advance cutting-edge network solutions

Published Jan 13, 2016

Ooredoo, Qatar University (QU) and Texas A&M University at Qatar have signed a major new research agreement to support innovation and development in Qatar and across the wider region.

The agreement will support research in key areas, including fast deployable wireless communication systems for disaster and emergency response; innovations of green radio access technologies in wireless communications; tele-health and applications; wireless communications for next-generation power grids; and stadium communications.

In particular, the studies will examine areas that will have a positive social, economic and educational impact on the wider community. Data generated by the initiative will make an important contribution to wider efforts to make Qatar one of the best-connected countries in the world and a hub for “smart solutions.”

Dr. Ann Kenimer, Texas A&M at Qatar interim dean and COO, said: “We are committed to enabling students to lead the next generation of engineering discovery, and collaborations such as this give us the platform to inspire our students. In today’s world, next-generation wireless networks are providing the foundation for a new range of smart solutions that transform homes, communities and even nations. This research partnership will make a significant contribution to global understanding of network technology, as Qatar continues to build its position as a worldwide communication hub.”

During the press conference announcing the agreement, Kenimer also thanked Texas A&M at Qatar’s Dr. Khalid Qaraqe for his work with the branch campus’ long-term partners Ooredoo and Qatar University in establishing this important initiative. Qaraqe is professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program and managing director of the Center for Remote Healthcare Technology extension in Qatar.

Waleed Al-Sayed, CEO of Ooredoo Qatar, said, “Our commitment to research, development and supporting the education sector is one of the ways that Ooredoo supports innovation and the growth of the knowledge-based economy. By partnering with these globally respected institutions, we are helping place Qatari students at the cutting edge of research and development in the field of wireless communication. Ooredoo’s Supernet has been designed to expand and grow into one of the best in the world, and we will share the lessons from its implementation with our academic partners.”

Ooredoo’s sponsorship will provide the opportunity for QU and Texas A&M at Qatar students to be exposed to the telecom industry and be engaged in real-world experiences during their academic studies in preparation for their future careers.

The sponsorship was also designed to foster research and development in Qatar and contribute towards the country’s development and technological advancement. By inviting students to participate, Ooredoo said it hopes to produce the country’s future leaders who are equipped with hands-on knowledge of next-generation technology such as 5G and even faster networks.

Dr. Hassan Al-Derham, Qatar University President, said, “Partnering with Ooredoo and Texas A&M at Qatar will once again support our students in producing pioneering research. Qatar University is committed to enabling young people to give back to the country while developing their skillsets and knowledge. We look forward to working with these two partners as we expand the boundaries of what next generation networks can deliver for Qatar.”

The agreement is the latest in a long history of collaborations between the three institutions, the most notable being the 2005 and 2008 agreement for collaborative research into third-generation (3G) and fourth-generation (4G) networks, and HSPA-LTE (High Speed Packet Access-Long Term Evolution) for next-generation networks, technologies and services, and research and development, which was the first of its kind in the Middle East.