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Safety and Security

The Annual Security Report is located here.

Recognizing and Reporting Suspicious Activity

Personnel who work in research environments should be aware of the potential for sabotage and or threats from animal rights, anti-technology and environmental extremists. It is important to recognize suspicious activity and report it to security.

Suspicious activity that should be reported immediately to security:

  • Unknown Individuals loitering in and around your building, laboratory, or office.
  • Inquiries regarding animal or technological research from individuals or organizations you do not know.
  • Inquiries regarding the locations of animal or technological research facilities.
  • Individuals who exhibit extreme curiosity or interest in your research or research facility.
  • Any unknown vehicles parked at your facility for an extended period of time.

 When reporting suspicious activity to the police:

  • In an emergency situation dial 4454.0999 from within Education City or 999 from outside Education City.
  • Provide the police with detailed information about the incident.
  • Provide a detailed description of the individual or individuals involved.
  • If a vehicle is involved, provide information regarding the license plate number, make, model, and color.
  • If possible, provide any associated phone numbers or copies of suspicious emails or voice mail recordings.

Researcher personal protection strategies:

  • Ensure all laboratory work areas are appropriately secured and locked down before leaving the area.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Contact security regarding any suspicious persons or activities near your residence or workplace.
  • Never open your residential or office door without knowing who is on the other side.
  • If someone comes to your home or office stating that he/she is a police officer, utility company worker, etc., ask to see identification. If you are unsure, call the agency they represent and verify their identity.
  • Ensure all animal care areas are locked down.
  • Do not touch any suspicious packages and report them immediately to the security at 333 from an Texas A&M Engineering Building phone, 4423.0333 from a mobile phone while on campus or your local law enforcement agency if at home.
  • Immediately report all suspicious inquiries about animal research or inquiries about locations of research facilities to the security.

What to look for and what to do if you receive a suspicious letter or package

What to look for — suspicious letter indicators:

  • no return address
  • restrictive markings (personal, special delivery, etc.)
  • possibly mailed from a foreign country
  • excessive postage
  • misspelled words
  • addressed to title only or incorrect title
  • badly typed or written

What to look for — suspicious package indicators:

  • similar characteristics of a suspicious letter
  • wrong title or name
  • lopsided or uneven package
  • rigid or bulky
  • protruding wires
  • strange odor
  • oily stains, discoloration or crystallization on wrapper
  • excessive tape or string

Steps for handling a suspicious unopened letter or package:

  • Handle with care; do not shake or bump the contents of the envelope or package.
  • Isolate the envelope or package and look for indicators.
  • Don’t open — treat it as suspect.
  • Leave the room and close the door or section off the area; keep others from entering.
  • Report the incident immediately to Texas A&M University at Qatar security (333 from a Texas A&M Engineering Building phone or +974.4423.0333 from a mobile or outside phone).
  • Make a list of all people in the room or area when the letter or package was recognized; provide the list to responding security.