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Alumni Relations

The Office of Engagement’s Alumni Relations team aims to promote a sense of affinity and long-term camaraderie among former students. We organize and host alumni events that bring together former students from all class years and majors. We also work closely with our alumni to keep them engaged on campus and with current students through lunchtime talks, classroom visits, recruitment efforts, and involvement as guests for student organizations.

Moreover, the Office of Engagement supports current and former students in career-related matters. All alumni are invited to the university’s career events, receive job listings and announcements through email, and are welcome to request all career services provided to the Aggie community.

Additionally, the Alumni Council is made up of former students from various class years and works to engage alumni with the branch campus and local community. The Council holds meetings to decide on major events and activities, address requests and suggestions of fellow Aggies, and discuss other relevant business. Smaller working groups and committees are also formed to execute immediate Council plans. The executive officers, as well all other members, are always available for alumni to reach out to and express their ideas, suggestions, and concerns. The Council welcomes volunteers for events and projects, and will seek such assistance once execution of activities begins.

The new Alumni Council members will serve from Fall Summer 2020 – Summer 2022, and we look forward to a great term.

We encourage you to reach out to us with questions, ideas and suggestions. The Alumni Council can be reached at You may also get in touch with individual Council members or one of your fellow class-year Aggies, listed below:

Alrabab Abuhelaiqa ’08

Dr. Sinan Al Obaidi ’11

Shoaib Chohan ’12

Aljazi Nahiyyan ’13

Ashraf Al Sharawi ’15

Hassan Moussa ’16

Mohammed Al-Sada ’17

Ali Al Ansari ’19