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Texas A&M University at Qatar is proud to have a team of experts dedicated to STEM outreach. The learning of STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is a national priority of Qatar. At Texas A&M at Qatar, we host a variety of programs for preparatory and secondary students to get hands-on experience where student both learn the history and science behind our everyday world, and learn to engineer solutions to complex problems.


Innovating to Educate

We reimagine and reinvent the connections between teaching and learning by guiding students through their own process of discovery, creation and innovation.

Inspiring Academic Achievement

We help Qatar’s youth find and succeed on educational pathways so they can achieve careers in science and engineering for Qatar’s knowledge-based economy.

Learning for a Lifetime

We cultivate curiosity and creativity to inspire students to pursue a lifetime of learning, and we collaborate with educators across Qatar to support excellence in STEM education.

Texas A&M at Qatar offers a variety of STEM Outreach platforms, including: 

Science & Engineering Road Show

Sponsored by Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) with two complementary and interlocking goals: to entertainand educate students using engineering and science. The program consists of demonstrations of chemistry, physics, and engineering using props and gear created to install a sense of wonder in your students. The demos will be explained to educate the underlying principles of the experiments.


A joint initiative between Texas A&M University at Qatar and the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), the STEM Hub laboratory aims to promote creative applications of engineering and science towards innovative thinking and original design in Qatar’s young students. Focusing on hands-on learning and innovative thinking, the STEM Hub is a unique space where students and teachers can benefit from the access to tools, 3D printers, engineering materials, and plenty of raw materials. Skilled members of the Texas A&M at Qatar are able to assist in developing workshops for the community based upon your learning objectives.

Community Engagement, Mentorship and Education

Members of the STEM Outreach team work directly with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, school groups, and community development leaders to offer mentorship to students participating in research projects and international competitions. We provide training on STEM topics to teachers and school technicians, and engage in community relations, such as MakerFaire, Qatar National Day Darb al-Saai and the D’reesha Performing Arts Festival.