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Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing


26 May to 6 June 2024 

Apply by 24 March 2024

As Texas A&M University at Qatar prepares to make another stride in its academic offerings, the forthcoming summer of 2024 is set to mark the inception of the Smart Manufacturing track. Building upon the momentum of the previous summer schools, this track aims to provide an immersive learning experience that fosters a holistic understanding of the manufacturing world, smart technologies, and sustainable practices. Smart manufacturing leverages the potential of data, automation, and connectivity to optimize processes, enhance product quality, and reduce waste, whereas sustainability efforts focus on mitigating environmental impact, creating eco-friendly products, and improving energy efficiency. Through the integration of these concepts, the Manufacturing track will equip students with the tools to drive innovation to meet the ever-growing demands of our modern societies while addressing the pressing challenges of climate change and resource scarcity. Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing is identified as a key area of focus by the NSF, the DoE, and several national labs.

With the expertise of Texas A&M faculty, the cutting-edge labs and facilities available at the university, and the participation of local and global experts, the curriculum is designed to offer a balanced blend of foundational theories and hands-on experiences. This track will target students in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and similar disciplines. 

Starting with a historical overview of manufacturing processes, students will be guided through the transformational journey of this sector, leading up to the present-day practices. The curriculum includes modules that span a wide spectrum of intertwined topics including traditional and advanced manufacturing systems, advanced materials, Industry 4.0, IoT in manufacturing, industrial decarbonization, energy efficiency, circular economy, and life cycle analysis. Integrated into these modules are hands-on sessions designed to complement the foundational concepts being discussed. These sessions will cover computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), additive manufacturing (3D printing), forming and cutting processes, material testing, and the basics of modeling and simulation. Complementing the academic rigor will be expert-led sessions from industry front-runners, sharing real-world insights, challenges, and breakthroughs in modern manufacturing. These sessions, peppered with case studies and live demos, will further solidify the theoretical understanding of the students.

With the global manufacturing landscape in a state of dynamic evolution, the Manufacturing track endeavors not just to educate but to inspire. Integrating with the existing Energy and AI tracks, shared activities will allow for a cross-disciplinary exchange, underlining the interconnectedness of these domains in driving the future of global industries.

Students will receive assistantships to cover local expenses, airfare and accommodation.

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