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Message from the Program Chair

Qatar has world-class natural gas reserves, as well as significant reserves of petroleum. However, natural gas and petroleum recovered from the earth cannot be used directly as fuels or chemical products. These raw materials must be converted chemically into useful products that can be sold in the marketplace. Chemical engineers transform natural gas and petroleum resources into marketable products. These products encompass a wide range of valuable chemicals such as fuels, lubricants and polymers that are key feedstock's for the world’s economies. The primary job of the chemical engineer is to ensure that the chemical industries produce high-quality products at a cost that keeps Qatari products competitive in the international marketplace.  Chemical engineers also work in many other industries in addition to natural gas and petroleum. For example many chemical engineers find rewarding careers in diverse areas such as biomedical materials, semiconductors, microelectronics, nanotechnology, environmental quality and industrial safety. 

Chemical Engineering graduates from Texas A&M University at Qatar have the skills required to work effectively in many industries. Our engineers are in high demand because of the quality education they receive and the status of our university as a world leader in engineering education. As a consequence of their unique skills, chemical engineers consistently command the highest starting salaries among all college graduates. Many of our graduates will certainly become tomorrow’s leaders of the Middle Eastern engineering community. Importantly our university strives to give students important international exposure in their education. For example, senior chemical engineering students participle in design projects with their counterparts on our main campus in College Station, Texas. We apply modern telecommunication tools and student exchanges to ensure that seniors receive important international experience. Additionally, many of our students have the opportunity to study for a semester at our US campus which is one of America’s premier engineering schools.
Our Chemical Engineering Program has many other attributes, for instance, many students receive summer internships with local industry giving the students an important work experience before they graduate. Our program has strong links with industry and governmental institutions in Qatar which provides our students with unique opportunities to advance their education and careers. Many of our students chose to pursue careers in research, for instance, some of our best undergraduate students work alongside faculty members to work on research projects of international significance. Those students who wish to further enhance their education have the opportunity to pursue a graduate education at Texas A&M University at Qatar or universities worldwide.
Patrick Linke, Ph.D., Ph.D.

Professor & Program Chair