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OXE Chemical Engineering Honor Society

Chemical Engineering officially inaugurated Omega Chi Epsilon (OXE), the American National Honor Society for Chemical Engineering, at an initiation ceremony held on April 12, 2012. The society recognizes top engineering students and graduates for their achievements in chemical engineering while promoting their further succession the field. Dr.Mohamed Nounou, Associate professor of Chemical Engineering and OXE faculty adviser, said "he joined OXE at TAMUQ’s main campus in College Station, Texas, in 1995." Commenting on the purpose of the society, he said: "One objective of OXE is to recognize the academic achievements of exceptional chemical engineering students. Other objectives include promoting original investigation, comradeship and professionalism, and supporting the university’s chemical engineering program and its student body."
Dr. Mark Weichold, Dean and CEO of TAMUQ, tied the honor society’s introduction on the campus to the university’s core values. "Excellence is one of TAMU’s core values," he said. Twenty-five TAMUQ chemical engineering students were initiated at the campus’ first initiation ceremony.
Joseph Costandy, a chemical engineering student and OXE president, said: "Honor societies enhance a learning environment because of the motivation they give us as students to work harder”.

OXE will also improve the TAMUQ campus environment as a whole because the society’s events and goals will benefit everyone, whether or not they are chemical engineering majors." Costandy said he was proud the society would provide students with a platform for exhibiting and upholding important values including professionalism, service and comradeship.
Chemical engineering students at the University of Illinois founded OXE in 1931. The society currently includes over 20,000 members and is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. TAMUQ founded an OXE chapter in 1970.
Since then, OXE societies throughout the world strive to benefit their respective university communities. The Gamma Delta Chapter at Texas A&M at Qatar is no different. We aim to merit students who exhibit academic excellence and good character. New students admitted to the Chemical Engineering Program will have the chance to learn more about the field of Chemical Engineering through various events held by OXE. The events held by the Gamma Delta Chapter help freshmen to get to know the older students and the faculty.
We continuously strive to be the go-to organization for any problems students may face during their undergraduate or graduate studies. We are here to support students and educate them about the benefits of pursuing academic excellence. Thus, we continuously aim to encourage students to excel in their studies through events and meetings.

The OXE officers for the 2017/18 academic year are:

President: Neeraja Renganathan
Vice-President: Mohamed Omer
Secretary: Sally Matta
Events Manager: Wafa Imran
Treasurer: Mirna Maklad
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mohamed Nounou

Some of the activities held / planned during the 2017/18 academic year are:

Fall 2017:
• Event 1: Philanthropy Event with SEC
• Event 2: Horror Movie Night
• Event 3: General Meeting
• Event 4: Initiation Ceremony

Spring 2018:
• Event 1: Dinner with Professors and Post-Grads
• Event 2: Day Visit to Ice Cream Factory
• Event 3: Lectures with Professors
• Event 4: Bounce Event during Spring Break
• Event 5: Sealine Beach Event

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Chartering Event:

OXE Initiatian Events through the years: