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HKN Honor Society

The Lambda Mu Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), the Electrical Engineering Honor Society at Texas A&M University at Qatar, was  installed on 2 May 2012. On the same day, 19 TAMUQ electrical engineering students were initiated at the campus’s first initiation ceremony.
Dr. Hazem Nounou, Associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and HKN faculty advisor, said “One objective of establishing the Lambda Mu Chapter of HKN at TAMUQ is to honor and recognize individuals for their excellence in Electrical and Computer Engineering and the IEEE-designated fields of interest. Establishing this new chapter will provide the opportunity to continue to honor and recognize many electrical engineering students from Texas A&M University at Qatar over the years that follow.”
Dr. Mark Weichold, Dean and CEO of Texas A&M University at Qatar, said “This new chapter will provide special opportunities for close Faculty/Student interactions and relationships, and will provide opportunities for students to work together with other students and within their own governance structure that will help build needed skills for life that are not necessarily taught in a formal class environment.”
Eta Kappa Nu was founded on October 28, 1904 at the University of Illinois. On September 1, 2010, IEEE and Eta Kappa Nu Association merged to form IEEE-HKN. Currently, IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu comprises about 200 university chapters, many active member volunteers, and thousands of student members.

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Hazem Nounou


Academic Year 2020-2021:


President Leen Al Homoud
​Vice President Safin Bayes
​Treasurer Nadin Mohamed
Recording Secretary Layan Al-Huneidi
Corresponding Secretary Swati Singh


Academic Year 2019-2020:


President Abdelrahman Amer
​Vice President Dana Al Huneidi
​Treasurer Leen Al Homoud
Recording Secretary Noora Al Sulaiti
Corresponding Secretary Nabila El Beheiry


Academic Year 2018-2019:


President Abouelkassim Becetti
​Vice President Abdelrahman Amer
​Treasurer Seif Elgazar
Recording Secretary Dana Al Huneidi
Corresponding Secretary Sofian Ghazali


Academic Year 2017-2018:


President Taif Mohamed
​Vice President Abouelkassim Becetti
​Treasurer Dana Al Huneidi
Recording Secretary Seif Elgazar
Corresponding Secretary Abdelrahman Amer
​News Correspondent Sofian Ghazali


Academic Year 2016-2017:


President ​ElSherif Mahmoud
​Vice President Amro Arbab
​Treasurer Abouelkassim Becetti
Recording Secretary Hossam El Husseini
Corresponding Secretary Mohamed Ahmed
​News Correspondent Sarah Hassan


Academic Year 2015-2016:


President Chethiya J. Tuduwage Don
​Vice President ​Bishoy Metry
​Treasurer ​Omar Ashour
Recording Secretary ​ElSherif Mahmoud
Corresponding Secretary ​Hossam El Husseini
​News Correspondent ​Maryam Al-Awadi


Academic Year 2014-2015:


President:   ​ Farah AlSafadi​
Vice President:​ ​Chethiya J. Tuduwage Don
​Treasurer: Youssef Ftouni
​Recording Secretary: ​Bishoy Metry
​Corresponding Secretary: ​Faisal Al-Mutawa
​News Correspondent: ​Ahamed Yoosuf

Academic Year 2013-2014:


President:   ​ Morcos Metry​
Vice President:​ ​Mohamed Ahmed
​Treasurer: Cathy Al-Haddad
​Recording Secretary: ​Khalid AlHendawi
​Corresponding Secretary: ​Mujtaba Qureshi
​News Correspondent: ​Mohamed Falmarz

Academic Year 2012-2013:


President Nour Basha​
Vice President​ ​Morcos Metry
​Treasurer ​Mohammed N. Ahmed
Recording Secretary​ ​Mujtaba Qureshi
​Corresponding Secretary ​Khalid AlHendawi
​News Correspondent ​Kareem Yacout



Academic Year 2011-2012:


President ​Anas Al-Bastami
​Vice President ​Fatima Ali
​Treasurer ​Nour Basha
Recording Secretary​ ​Kareem Yacout
​Corresponding Secretary ​Mujtaba Qureshi
News Correspondent​ ​Huda Al Mulla
More information about the Eta Kappa Nu Honor society can be found at: