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Course Offerings

Welcome to the Liberal Arts Program Webpage at Texas A&M University at Qatar. The program provides a wide range of courses in different areas of the liberal arts: English, History, Political Science, and Sociology to support the engineering programs in the university and assist the students in developing and maintaining fundamental knowledge that can help them start their academic life solidly.

COMM 365
Credit 3

Mass media, international, and cross-cultural audiences; theoretical, pragmatic, political and ethical issues; including cultural differences, comparative media systems, development communication, patterns of world news flow, political propaganda, impact of international advertising and other issues. 

COMM 335 Intercultural Communication
Credit 3

Communication variables in intercultural contexts including culture and meaning, nonverbal styles across cultures, patterns of symbolic transfer, culture shock and communication, values in intercultural dialogue. 

INST 222 Foundations of Education in a Multicultural Society
Credit 3

Historical, philosophical and cultural foundations of education emphasizing education for a multicultural society.


STLC 289- Foundations of English III. Credit 4
Focus on developing academic competency in reading, writing, and grammarto prepare students for ENGL 104.
STLC 289- Foundations of English II. Credit 4
Focus on developing usage of the conventions of academic English in reading, writing, grammar, and speaking. 
STLC 289- Foundations of English I. Credit 4
Focus on developing understanding of the conventions of academic English in reading, writing, grammar, listening and speaking. Emphasis is given to grammatical clarity and understanding of basic mechanics. 


ENGL 104. Composition and Rhetoric. (3-0). Credit 3.
Focus on referential and persuasive researched essays through the development of analytical reading ability, critical thinking and library research skills.

ENGL 210 Technical and Business Writing (3-0). Credit 3.
Focus on writing for professional settings; correspondence and researched reports fundamental to the technical and business workplace—memoranda, business letters, research proposals and presentations, use of graphical and document design; emphasis on audience awareness, clarity of communication and collaborative team-work.

ENGL 219. Literature and Other Arts. (3-0). Credit 3.  
Survey of classic and modern literature, short stories, Arabic poetry in translation, and art (such as paintings that were inspired by specific poems.)  The course may also include the analysis of music, sculpture, architecture, and a visit to a museum in Doha.

ENGL 251. The Language of Film. (2-2). Credit 3.
Development of the language of film: major movements, representative works, theory and techniques; lecture/discussion following film screenings. Prerequisite: ENGL 104.


HIST 105. History of the United States. (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S
Colonial heritage; revolution; adoption of constitution; growth of nationalism and sectionalism; civil war and reconstruction

HIST 106. History of the United States. (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S
Since reconstruction; new social and industrial problems; rise of progressivism; U.S. emergence as world power; World War I; reaction and New Deal; World War II; contemporary America.

HIST 230. American Military History, 1609 to Present. (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S
Main events, personalities and technologies related to American military history.

HIST 258. American Indians History. (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S
Survey of American Indian history; Pre-Columbian, First Contact, Colonial Conquest, Differentiation between cultural groups; Reservation period, twentieth-century self-determination, and Pan-Indianism.

HIST 301. Blacks in the United States after 1877. (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S
Blacks in the United States from the end of reconstruction to the present; the ideologies of black leaders, disfranchisement, lynching and the quest for equality in the 1950s and 1960s.


POLS 206. American National Government. (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S
Survey of American national government, politics, and constitutional development

POLS 207. State and Local Government. (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S
Survey of state and local government and politics with special reference to the constitution and politics of Texas

POLS 324. Politics of Global Inequality (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S
This course is an "Examination of the causes and consequences of economic inequality between rich and poor states; evaluation of competing explanations for poverty of less-developed countries; development strategies employed by poor states; and structure of global economic relations".

POLS 331. Introduction to World Politics (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S
Offered to meet the social science requirements: Courses in Comparative Politics or International Relations are offered at the Qatar Campus to meet the University Core Curriculum in both Social Science and international and cultural diversity.

POLS 365. Asian Governments and Politics (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S
Contemporary political systems of Asia, political institutions, actors and processes. Prerequisite: POLS 206 or approval of department head.


SOCIO 207. Introduction to Gender and Society (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S
Similarities and differences between females and males in a number of cultures throughout the world, sociological analysis of gender in relation to social structure

Undergraduate Studies "UGST"

UGST 181. First Year Seminar (1-0). Credit 1.
Seminar on various contemporary topics; introduction to high quality college instruction and research; focus on writing, speaking, discussion and research; open to all majors; restricted to first-time-in-college students and limited in size to provide small class experience. Prerequisite: Freshman classification or approval of instructor.