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Message from the Program Chair

Salaam Alaikum and welcome to the website of the Mechanical Engineering program at Texas A&M University Qatar! We are an extension of the Mechanical Engineering department at Texas A&M University in College Station (USA), one of the best and largest mechanical engineering departments in the US and around the world. We offer essentially the same B. S. degree program as that offered on the main campus in the US and conduct research and services in related technical areas.
Mechanical Engineering is perhaps the most diverse of all engineering disciplines. The principal task of a mechanical engineer is to find ways that utilize natural resources (such as oil and gas, solar energy, and minerals and materials) to perform “work” for human beings (for instance, to transport people and material) and to develop techniques and technologies to enhance the quality of human life (e.g. robots to perform difficult work, surgical equipment to assist doctors and patients, heating and air-conditioning systems to make us comfortable, recreational equipment, environmentally-friendly technologies, etc.) Acquiring a degree in mechanical engineering involves the study of flow of heat, energy, and fluids (thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics), properties of materials and structures under different conditions (materials science and structural mechanics), and moving parts (e.g. dynamics, turbomachinery, and control systems).  These topics are firmly rooted in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, which constitute the early part of the B.S. curriculum, while the culminating experience involves real-life design projects performed by our students, often with some guidance from industry partners. As may be imagined, extensive laboratories, machine-shops, computers and modern software constitute an integral component of this degree program, and our world-class facilities are designed to meet the needs of the future mechanical engineers. Our students make full use of these facilities: besides course-work, they use them for various extra-curricular activities, such as building cars and robots to participate in international competitions. 
Exchange student opportunities are made easy thanks to the common curriculum between Texas A&M Qatar and the main campus in College Station. Our students also participate in various international conferences and in the “Engineers Without Borders” program to lend their expertise to projects in the less-developed parts of the world. Our faculty members, too, are all well-recognized in their respective areas of specialization and conduct competitively-funded research in diverse areas such as robotics, alternative fuels, medical technology, solar energy, etc. Often our undergraduates help as research assistants, an experience which prepares them well for continuing on to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Thus, TAMUQ students, through their travels and their participation in the multitude of extra-curricular activities that take place on our campus and elsewhere, can gain a variety of meaningful experiences before they graduate.
Although our program is only 10 years old, our graduates are well-recognized for the “AGGIE” brand and are readily recruited by companies such as Shell, Maersk Oil, Schlumberger, Qatar Petroleum, GE, Smith Tool, etc. Several recent graduates are currently pursuing graduate degrees at reputable universities such as Stanford. In the last three years, our mechanical engineering faculty members have published about 50 papers in various journals, and they are presently involved in about 25 million dollars of research for the Qatar Foundation and various industries in Doha. Qatar’s rapid growth implies that opportunities for engineers will also increase; for example, to tackle water, energy, environmental, and infrastructure development issues, and our program will be a vital component of this growth.
If you need more information about our program, please do not hesitate to contact our office at +974- 4423-0244.
Vijay Panchang, Ph.D., P.E

Professor & Program Chair