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Current Students

It’s important to understand the foundations of graduate education at Texas A&M University. Below are the basics that govern graduate education.

Who Are You?

The key to many of the processes and procedures depends on what kind of student you are. Texas A&M at Qatar has the advantage of being home to two categories of graduate students; depending on what campus they are admitted to.

College Station Student – If you were admitted to the main campus you are a “College Station student” (sometimes you’ll be called a “main campus student”). Department on main campus is ultimately responsible for you but our graduate studies office can assist you in many areas.

Qatar Student – If you were admitted to the Qatar campus, you are a “Qatar student”. Right now only chemical engineering has a program so all of our Qatar students are chemical engineering majors. Program on the Qatar campus is responsible for student but respective home department on main campus is also involved. Again the graduate studies office here can assist you in many areas Some processes and procedures will vary depending on whether you are a College Station or Qatar student.

Who Does What?

The Office of Graduate Studies OGS (located on main campus)
Whether you are a College Station or Qatar student, you fall under the umbrella of the Office of Graduate Studies on main campus. OGS sets the minimum requirements for a degree and how that degree is awarded. They are the official holder of your graduate student records and all documents (degree plan, thesis, etc.) eventually ends up in their office for approval and filing.

Graduate Studies Services (located at the Qatar campus)
This is the office on the Qatar campus that facilitates all interaction between the Qatar campus and the academic programs located here. We assist and provide guidance to all graduate students at the Qatar campus in their progress towards degree. We collect official documents for transmittal to main campus as well as keep records for each student. We also are responsible for all graduate assistantships or other employment issues as they pertain to graduate students. In order for us to serve this role you must keep us updated on all your activity at the Qatar campus.

Academic Department/Academic Program
Depending on what category of student you are (see above) you are a student in an academic department (main campus) or its corresponding academic program (Qatar campus). Departments are sometimes referred to as “home departments”. These departments/programs can set more strict requirements and processes for degree progression and awarding. It is important that you understand that there are OGS requirements and those of the department/program you are a student in. Faculty members of the programs at the Qatar campus are directly linked to their respective home departments.