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Degree Plan

So what is your degree plan?

Your degree plan is many things but the easiest way to think about it is that it literally is “what you plan to take while you progress toward your degree.” Make sense?

This is where the Office of Graduate Studies really becomes involved in your graduate education. They are the official “keepers” of your academic record, including your official degree plan (and any changes you make to your degree plan), your thesis title (if applicable), and graduation. Essentially all paperwork ends up in OGS.

The first step in completing your degree plan is to assemble your graduate committee. This committee will guide and advise you throughout your graduate career.

  • M.S. your committee should be comprised of at least one faculty member (preferably the chair) whose research closely matches your research interests.
  • M.Eng. Your committee responsibilities will most likely fall to the graduate advisor of your particular department or program.

You should consult with the committee chair and members to decide the courses you plan to take from your first semester to your last.

You may use the GSI form to more easily map out different plans. Once you and your committee/advisor are satisfied with your degree plan you will need to submit the GSI form to the Qatar graduate studies office. We will then assist you in inputting your degree plan into the Online Degree Plan Submission System. Once entered and submitted, your online degree plan will be routed electronically for approval through your committee members, then your home program and/or department, and finally by OGS.

It’s really not too complicated so do your best to get this done by the end of your first semester or you will have a registration hold placed on your record and not be able to get the courses you want to take.