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Degree Requirement

Both the university (via OGS) and your respective department/program have certain requirements you must meet and restrictions on what courses you can take and more importantly what you can use on your degree plan. Whether you are a College Station or Qatar student you must adhere to these requirements.

That said, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT you know about these and follow them.

University Requirements University requirements are the minimum requirements you must follow to be awarded your degree. You can find them in the Texas A&M University Graduate Catalog and these will depend on the degree you are pursuing; a Master of Science, Master of Engineering, or Ph.D.

Important Note for College Station MS Students Regarding Distance Learning Courses M.S and Ph.D. students are only allowed to use distance education courses for up to 25% of those courses used on their degree plan. Distance education courses are those that have a 7XX section number assigned to them. M.Eng. students are allowed to take all their courses via distance education since the M.Eng. distance program in petroleum engineering is an approved program.

Department/Program Requirements These requirements will be different for each department/program you are a student in. Most departments have information available online. Below are links to what is currently available. If you are unsure about this or unable to find anything please contact your faculty advisor.