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Message from the Program Chair

Welcome to the web site of the Petroleum Engineering Program at Texas A&M at Qatar. The State of Qatar has been blessed with natural resources, natural gas and oil. Our program aims to educate our students in the applied science of petroleum engineering, giving them fundamental engineering and petroleum engineering skills and tools so that they can contribute to optimal and economic extraction of these resources in Qatar, in the Region and Worldwide. We offer an undergraduate program, which is the same as in our main campus, one of the world's most prestigious and renowned Petroleum Engineering Programs for teaching and research. We also conduct state of the art research on technical issues of oil production.

Petroleum engineering is primarily concerned with the economic extraction of oil, gas and other natural resources from the earth. This is accomplished through the design, drilling and operation of wells and well systems, and the integrated management of subsurface reservoirs where the resources are found. Petroleum engineering requires a good knowledge of many related disciplines, such as petroleum geoscience (geology and geophysics), petrophysics (formation evaluation and well logging), petroleum economics, reservoir modelling and simulation, reservoir engineering, drilling and well engineering, artificial lift systems, completions and oil and gas facilities engineering. We also offer courses and tuition that enable our students to have an understanding of how the and where petroleum engineering impacts the upstream oil and gas industry.  Foundation engineering courses are essential for the graduate petroleum engineer; these will include physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechanics and thermodynamics. Our program places strong emphasis on preparing our graduates for their careers as successful petroleum engineers; this includes effective report writing, communication and presentation skills. These courses lead to a paper competition (Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE student paper contest) with judges industry professionals. The winners have a chance to compete regionally as well as globally in one of the most prestigious events of SPE, the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.

All of these courses culminate to the cap-stone design course, where senior students work in teams throughout the spring semester for a complete field development given the required data. They present their results to industry professionals who assist in providing valuable feedback on the achieving of student outcomes.

Our faculty team and researchers offer a high quality and wide range of expertise and ability in both industry and academia to deliver a strong, well-structured and coherent syllabus. Strong links exist with our main campus, with many transfer students attending Qatar campus courses or College Station campus courses. In addition joint teams between the two campuses are working on the capstone design course. Links with local National and International Oil Companies and Service Companies are very strong, with top level executives serving in our Industry Advisory Board who provide feedback and support on program educational objectives. Companies have been very generous by providing annually financial support for many of our student activities. This enables our students, through mainly the SPE student chapter, to be very active in participating in regional industry conferences, to organize several extracurricular activities, to organize industry-led educational seminars and mainly to participate to the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition which takes place in the USA.

Interaction with industry is further enhanced through the mandatory internship program, which is a requirement for our students in order for them to graduate. They must do a six week- minimum internship in a company in order to graduate and should report, both to the company and to the program of their progress. Our program is very active in engaging our students in research through a variety of programs, notably, Undergraduate Research Program (UREP), with one of our teams getting the first prize as best UREP program in 2012.

Many of our alumni have been progressing in their careers in local industry while some have engaged in graduate studies. Our faculty has a strong research record with more than 16 million $ funding over the past five years from government and industry sources. More details on research subjects can be found in the dedicated web pages of this site.

If you need additional information please contact us at  +974.4423.0263 or at

Mike Bowman, Ph.D.

Chair of Petroleum Engineering,

Professor of Practice,

Texas A&M University ay Qatar,

Education City,

PO Box 23874,

Doha, Qatar