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Seminars and Lectures


    • Improving oil implace estimates


    • Introduction to Formation Testing on Wireline and LWD

    • Introduction to Formation Testing on wireline and LWD

    • Young Professional personal experiences and contribution

    • A Lower Carbon, Higher Energy Future. A few challenges to Applied Geo-Sciences

    • Petroleum Organic Geochemistry for Beginners

    • Shifting to a New EOR Fluids with Potentials of High Recovery, No Damage and Low Cost


    • Deep Reading Permanent Sensors in Oil and Gas Wells- Key to Intelligent Fields

    • Fluids / Rock Interactions Their Influence on EOR​

    • Teaching and Research Programs in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, the University of Calgary

    • Beyond Next Generation Reservoir Simulation

    • Project Management 101 An Overview

    • Core NMR for Measurement of Petrophysical Properties​


    • Jurassic Reservoirs in Maydan Mahzam and Bul Hanine fields (Offshore Qatar).

    • Hydrocarbon Fluid Characterization

    • Well Testing - An Overview

    • Establishing a downhole flow profile in vertical and horizontal wells using production logs

    • Stimulating the North Field in Qatar

    • Formation Evaluation in Carbonates Using Well Logs

    • Predicting Rock Properties and Rock-Fluid Interaction from 3D CT-Scanning Images





    • An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for History-Matched Reservoir Parameters

    • ​Overview OXY Activities

    • Heterogeneity and Reservoir Characterization of samaa and Yabus Formations, Agordeed Field, melut Rift basin, Southern Sudan

    • Numerical Methods for ModelingFluid Flow in Highly Heterogeneous and Fractured

    • Testing and Interpreting Multi-Lateral Wells

    • Experiences in bringing game changing intelligent completions system to Extreme Reservoir Contact multilateral wells


    • Perforating Shape Charges - From Design to Gun System Selection

    • Field Treatment to Stimulate a Deep, Sour, Tight Gas Well using a New, Low Corrosive and Environmentally Friendly Fluid


    • Multi-phase flow in fractured carbonate reservoirs: New model concept from pore- to reservoir-scale

    • Visual Computing Challenges and Solutions for Smart Oil/Gas Exploration & Production

    • Educating the Next Generation of Geoscientists: Recruitment, Retention & Student Success

    • Natural Gas: Future Premier Fuel of the World Economy

    • "Two Lectures"​

    • Development of a Statistically Based Design Methodology for Acid Fracturing

    • Foundation CMG – What’s In It For TAMUQ?

    • Shale Gas Well Design and Analysis


    • Gas Lift - Some History, Some Technology, and the Future

    • Well Engineering Fundamentals

    • Digenesis in carbonate reservoirs in foreland and thrust belts with special emphasis on hydrothermal dolomites

    • Modeling Fluid Property Variations in Al Shaheen with Black Oil Correlations