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Dr. Dominique Guerillot

Dr. Dominique Guerillot


Office Number: 204A
Office Phone: +974.4423.0146

  • ​Reservoir Characterization & Simulation
  • Carbon Storage
  • Thermodynamical, Geochemical & Transport Phenomena Applied to Improved Oil/Gas Recovery Processes, CO2 Sequestration & Natural Gas Storage
  • Stratigraphical Modeling
  • Numerical Methods & Application Of Computing
  • Upscaling & Multiscale Reservoir Simulation
  • Proxy Models & Global Optimization
  • Production Optimization
  • History Matching & Optimal Control


  • 1982 : PhD in Applied Mathematics, Aix-Marseille University (AMU), Marseille, France,

  • 1978: Master in Mathematics & Fundamental Applications, University of Nice, France,


  • Since Feb. 20116: Professor at the University of Texas A&M at Qatar

  • Sept. 2013 - Sept. 2015 Head of Reservoir Research at the Qatar Petroleum Research & Technology Centre (QPRTC), Doha, Qatar

  • Oct. 2010 - Sept.2013, Senior Consultant with Petrobras E&P & R&D Centre (CENPES), Reservoir Engineering, Headquarter, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Since 2009, President & CEO of SAS Terra 3E, Energy

  • June 2006 - May 2009, Program Director of Upstream R&D, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

  • 2003-2006, Director, deputy of VP E&P, IFP, Rueil Malmaison, France, Exploration & Production Technical Business Unity

  • 2000-2003, Managing Director Exploration & Reservoir Engineering, IFP, France

  • Board member of Beicip-Franlab, RSI (France), IFP-MEC (Bahrain)2002-2006

  • 1995-2000, Director of Geology & Geochemistry Research Division, IFP, France

  • 1993-1995, Manager for IFP Branch, IFP, Helios Technology Park, Pau, France

  • 1991-1993, Visiting Scientist, seconded to Elf Exploration UK PLC, London, UK,

  • 1989-1993, Project leader "Fluid Flow in heterogeneous Reservoirs", IFP

  • 1982-1989, Research Engineer, Reservoir Engineering Dpt., IFP, France

  • 1982-2000; Lecturer at IFP School in Reservoir Characterization and Simulation

  • 1981-1982, Scientist Officer, French Army, Head Quarter, Paris

  • 1979-1981, PhD student, University of d`Aix-Marseille, Marseille, France


  • ​Winner with Dr. Oussama Gharbi and Dr. Priyank Maheshwari from Total R&D Centre at QATAR (TRCQ) of the first place in the 2016 Visualization Development Competition for the project, "A Reactive Flow Trip from the Pore Scale to the Reservoir Scale.

  • President of the Board of the Engineering School Matmeca 1998-2002

  • Member of Executive Committee at IFP 2001-2006

  • Speaker at the 17th World Petroleum Congress 2002

  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery (ECMOR) 2001-

  • Member of Who`s Who in France 2010

  • Expert for CO2 Sequestration Projects at the European Commission 2012

  • Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers  1987-

  • Member of EAGE 1992-

  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers: 2015 -


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  • Guérillot D. 2000. From 3D geological models to multi-phase fluid flows in reservoirs; some recent improvements. AAPG Bulletin. Sept., 84(9):1431-1432.