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Research Laboratories

Wettability Research Laboratory
This lab is being equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to conduct flow at reservoir conditions. It includes the capabilities to measure various petrophysical properties of rocks. It also includes a Goniometer for wettability studies. In the next few months we will have a high-resolution CT-scanner that can scan at 1 micron resolution to visualize the fluid distribution in the pore-space. The plans include having at least four fully operational flow setups including one for acid injection.
Reservoir Simulation Research Laboratory
This lab is designed to perform reservoir simulation studies using advanced computer hardware and software equipment. The lab is currently equipped with four high performance computers that are being used in modeling studies on CO2 EOR, CO2 sequestration, and gas reservoir modeling. Other computational equipment and capabilities will be added soon.
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and EOR Research Laboratory
This lab is designed to conduct experimental investigations for understanding the fate of CO2 in sub-surface aquifers and depleted oil/gas reservoirs. The lab is capable of studying phase-behavior of CO2 and its mixtures with other hydrocarbon gases. The lab also has equipment to study dissolution of CO2 in reservoir fluids and interaction of CO2 with reservoir matrix at reservoir pressure and temperature conditions. In application of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery, the lab has capability to investigate the improvement in recovery of oil.
Reservoir Characterization and Modeling Research Laboratory
This lab is designed to study reservoirs and measure their properties at different length scales ranging from pore-level (Scanning Electron Microscope, microscope and CT-scanner), macroscopic level (CT-scanner, routine core-analysis, probe permeameter) to outcrop scale (Probe permeameter, GPS, cameras). The research conducted in this lab helps us develop more accurate models for reservoir systems with complex, heterogeneous properties such as the carbonate reservoir systems in the Middle East. Some results of research are visualized in 3-dimensional space using the CAVE facility available on the campus.
Drilling Fluids and Cementing Research Laboratory
We have a state-of-the-art Drilling Fluids and Cementing lab. In addition to all the basic equipment such as viscometers, consistometers, mixers, filtration devices and peripheral equipment, it has HPHT Rheometer capable of operating up to a pressure of 40,000 psi and a temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives us an opportunity to conduct research in the area of Drilling Fluids and Cementing particularly under High Pressure High Temperature conditions