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The Instrumental Analysis Laboratory is a special unit of conceptual identity within Science program; it was originally established to serve researchers in Texas A&M University at Qatar and to solve the analytical tasks.


It is a good concept in TAMUQ where all the sophisticated instruments are kept to cater for the needs of research and developments. These Instruments are conducted by Mr. Adel Saeid.

Analytical facilities offered at instrumental analysis laboratory included the following:

  1. Spectrophotometric Analysis

    1. UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer model 1950 (Perkin Elmer); wave length range from 200 nm   to 3500 nm

    2. FTIR Spectrophotometer model Spectrum One (Perkin Elmer); wavenumber range from4000 cm-1 to 450 Cm-1.

    3. Spectrofluorometer model Cary Ecipse (Varian); wave length range from 200 -800 nm

  2. Elemental Analysis

    • C,H,N,S/O Elemental Analyzer model 2400 Series II (Perkin Elmer) with AD6 micro balance.

  3. Separation Tools

    1. HPLC with RI and UV/Vis detectors series 200 (Perkin- Elmer)

    2. GC/MSD Model Clarus MS 500 (Perkin- Elmer)

    3. GC with FID/TCD detectors model Clarus 500 (Perkin Elmer)

  4. Thermal Analysis

    1. TGA model Pyris 6 (30 -1000 0C ), (Perkin Elmer)

    2. DSC model Jad Pyris (30 -450 0C), (Perkin Elmer)

  5. NMR Spectrometer

    • Model AVANCE 400 with super conducting magnet (400 MHz) and five probes for nuclei1H, 13C, N15, 19F and 31P (Bruker)